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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I like coding without parentheses, partly to verify that my code respects the law of Demeter and other principles. Is it bad that I want a regexp that will highlight the arguments being passed to a method so I can be sure about when I need parens?

Shouldn't we rewrite RubyForge with ajax?

Should we lobby for Obama on Rails?

a rails version of phpmyadmin?

Is there anything left on your wishlist of what Engine Yard provides?

Is it a problem that some libraries now want us to use unnecessary parentheses?

How can we help postgres gain ground?

If there was an option that caused stack traces to print out the arguments that were passed to each method, would that demolish performance?

Aren't stored procedures a good scaling tool? Are they easier to maintain if they are written in Ruby (for postgres)?

Is there any way to have proprietary Ruby code besides serving it through a web app?

Is publishing (& blogging), releasing code, and other self-promotion the biggest factor that made you better at Ruby?

What I want to know about Ruby

As the finale of the Voices that Matter: Professional Ruby conference, Obie solicited questions from the audience and I managed to come up with several. That transfer of knowledge was great, but it was centralized kind of like a subversion repo. To raise it to the power of git, I would like to see what you all think about these dreams I have.

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